Nalo Sound

3d Printing | Industrial design

A plantable portable speaker that brings you closer to nature.

Nalo is a 3D printed wireless speaker that is planted in the ground and encourages people to reconnect with their physical environment. The movement of its internal fluid is inspired by the transportation of liquid within plants. This fluid responds to the layers of Nalo's 3D printed stem.

Design Tools

Rhino + Grasshopper, Stratasys Connex 3 3D Printer, Premiere Pro, InDesign

Design Tools

Yanko, MADE

Hands digging a hole in garden soil.
Planting portable speaker in garden soil.
Woman in garden crouching to listen to Bluetooth speaker.

Private sound

The tube is designed to concentrate sound in a small radius to draw users closer to the speaker and therefore closer to nature. It may also be used in an urban environment such as an apartment balcony where people need to be respectful of others.

Blue liquid swirling in a double-walled 3D printed Bluetooth speaker.Exploded view of components inside Bluetooth speaker.Nalo portable speaker in pink, green and blue colourways.Sketches of speaker forms and 3D printed tests of double-walled tube design.

The beauty of materials that move

The dynamic material qualities of Nalo highlight the elegance and innovation of this new listening experience. A method of creating a double-wall profile with a cavity inside was discovered through many 3D printing experiments. This cavity is thin enough to allow the fluid to move through capillary action, responding to the lines of the printed layers.

Portable speaker planted in garden with bubbles moving inside sound tube.