The Duo-Urn is a personalised memorial urn for protecting the ashes of a loved one.  A special message can be recorded and translated into surface texture of the urn, embedding meaning into the object.  The project is focussed on mass-customisation and digital fabrication, exploring systems that people could use to customise a product.


Website Interface

The Duo-Urn can be co-designed and customised by family and friends through the online product platform shown above.


Design customisation

The Duo-Urn also has a secondary function to foster ritualistic interaction with the object.  This function could include a vase, garden feature, vessel for holding precious possessions, planter or buried memorial.  The designs above are examples of how the product can be customised depending on the secondary function and user preferences. 


Parametric Design

Parametric design is driven by algorithms.  It uses rules and parameters to create geometries that can adapt fluidly to changes in the parametric system. The Grasshopper definition above is the system used to generate the Duo-Urn.