colour printing

2015 & 2017

Sap Dwellers and Synthetic Jellies are two projects that explore the material behaviour and colour qualities of multi-material 3D printing.  Stratasys Polyjet technology can print both hard plastic and soft rubber within a single object.  The two substances can be blended together into what are known as digital materials. Variation in material hardness, transparency and colour can be achieved.  The following designs are filmed to demonstrate the potential use of this technology in the film industry.

These projects are precursor to Hydrophytes.


sap dwellers

The Sap Dwellers are a series of fantasy creatures that inhabit the dark depths of the forest.  Their bodies are made up of varying degrees of flexibility allowing different parts to move when triggered.  The designs are 3D printed on the Connex 3


synthetic jellies

This project explores how 3D printed objects could move independently.  The designs utilise the unique material memory of digital materials that can revert to their printed position upon inversion.  The designs are printed on the Stratasys J750 to achieve gradients of colour and translucency.